On the 7th of September our team attended the official opening of the new season. Of course, we were all really curious about this year’s game, but before the reveal of the game and the playing field, we attended several masterclasses. 

Our two Captains attended the masterclasses directed toward leading a team efficiently and preparing for competitions, putting together the engineering notebook and alike. 

The masterclasses more focused towards the designing and building of the robot itself were attended by our Mechanical Engineers. One of the masterclasses was how to utilize Solidworks. 

The rest of our team also attended various masterclasses. All of us learnt a lot of things from these masterclasses, we will definitely make use of this. However not everything told at Priva was new to us. This is because our team participated in the Tech Challenge last year as well. But repeating basic knowledge is obviously never a bad thing.  

Afterwards we met some members of a FTC-team very near our school. They are a rookie team, so we talked about the possibility of helping them out in their first year and exchanged contacts.

After dinner it was time for the game reveal. The game was explained and we immediately got hold of some game elements and analysed them. We came up with some ideas on the spot which we might use. 

It was a great start of the season and we are all very excited about the new season. A big thanks to Priva and FTC Netherlands for the organisation of this great event.